25th February 2019


To construct a single orthomosaic of a large compartment of Larch, for the purposes of discovering its precise Stand Density Index.



Our team was welcomed to Cumbria by clear skies on an unseasonably warm February morning, where we were due to conduct a number of test flights. The purpose was to consolidate months of research and learning to construct a single, geo-located orthomosaic using imagery gathered from multiple flights.

The area required three separate 10-minute flights to cover, which all went without incident. 460 images were gathered in total, resulting in 102 12MP images per Hectare. Triangulating imagery data from such a vast quantity of high quality images resulted in an orthomosaic "Ground Sampling Distance" (or mapping resolution) of 3.6cm per pixel.

We imported the orthomosaic into ArcGIS and were able to calculate the precise Stand Index of the compartments, along with identifying the percentage of the woodland that was overridden with species other than Larch, such as Willow.