13th November 2020


To provide our client, The Sylva Foundation, with an orthomosaic to help them integrate ortho-rectified imagery into their land management data-flow.



We first approached the Sylva Foundation in the summer of 2020. We had been following and admiring their work in the forestry industry for a while, finding new ways to better enable land managers to achieve their goals through the use of technology, and we sensed a natural opportunity.

After a few Zoom calls, we agreed the best course of action would be to capture some imagery and provide them with an orthomosaic. This would enable them to test whether the .TIFF files could integrate into their "MyForest" management software, as well as demonstrating the detail and accuracy of what was available through aerial mapping.

The selected location was an area of farm land, designated for commercial woodland planting, but it was suggested to the land manager that they could benefit from some hi-res imagery and elevation data. We were contacted and captured the imagery during the first available weather window. 

We provided the resulting orthomosaic and DSM to both the land manager and our contacts at the Sylva Foundation, agreeing to catch up in 2021 to discuss the next steps.