ARTIO : the Celtic goddess of growth and transformation
GEOMATICS : the interpretation of data relating to the Earth’s surface


A UK based, intelligence-led geo-spatial mapping company, Artio Geomatics is the response to the need for flexible, cost-effective and efficient surveying solutions.

Specialising in the gathering and analysis of aerial imagery, our team generates maps and 3D models of features and landscapes for a range of purposes. Whether it be to reveal new data to inform a land survey, or to generate a 3D model for volumetric interpretation, we work closely with our clients to deliver a product that works best for them.




Chief Executive Officer

Sam leads the overall strategy implementation of the business with a lead on Performance, Risk, Services and Commercial aspects in addition to public and private procurement.

​With over 10 years’ surveying experience, Sam was a founding partner of Barle Valley Forestry Ltd, providing public agencies and private customers with ground-based surveying solutions. He has extensive experience delivering intelligence services for a broad range of outcomes including conservation work on SSSI's, to high-volume asset valuation and production forecasting.

Sam has a lifelong passion for nature and the sustainable management of our countryside, which has been brought forward into Artio Geomatics and embedded in the company's core values.



Chief Operations Officer

In addition to assisting with the running of the company's strategy and growth initiatives, Tom coordinates Artio's surveying operations, providing leadership and training in forest management best practise for our team.

In 2017, Tom spent time in New Zealand gathering data on carbon sequestration for the national Emission Trading Scheme (ETS). Ever since returning, he has been responsible for supplying surveying contracts for private and public sector clients in England and Wales.

Tom has a great passion for sustainable forestry and a keen interest in utilising remote sensing to interpret our environments and improve land use.



Chief Technical Officer

Our technical expert and practising drone pilot, David is responsible for the technologies implemented by Artio in our innovative pursuit of specialising in geo-spatial mapping. He started working commercially with UAV's in 2016, and has since logged dozens of hours of flight-time without incident.

Continually developing his knowledge and techniques for delivering the highest quality imagery for geo-spatial mapping and modelling, David is a firm believer that such applications represent the natural next step for UAV utilisation.


Ever since he first caught wind of UAVs being used in this way, David's intrigue quickly gave way to obsession.